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Fishtail Ultra Flight

Fishtail Ultra Flight fulfils one’s imagination of flying through the clouds. A form of free flight which gives you this rewarding experience, something that one rarely gets to do. Go up in an ultra-light aircraft and get a sweeping bird’s eye view of the entire Pokhara Valley. An exhilarating ride that allows unhindered views of the mountains and the scenic lakes far below. Our Ultra light aircraft is manufactured by P&M Aviation UK, the world’s largest microlight aircraft manufacturer and flown by highly experienced British pilots.


Pokhara is known as “the jewel in the Himalaya”, a place of remarkable natural beauty. Situated at an altitude of 827m above sea level and 200km west of Kathmandu (Capital of Nepal) valley, the city is known as a Centre of Adventure. The serenity of lakes and the magnificence of the Himalayas rising behind them create an ambience of peace and magic. So, today the city has not only become the starting point for the most popular trekking and rafting destinations but also a place to relax and enjoy nature in all it’s beauty.