Frequently Asked Questions
1) Are your aircraft certified to any standard?

- Our aircraft are built in U.K to British standards and are maintained according to the manufacturer's recommendation.

- All our aircraft have modern 4-stroke engines.

2) Can I purchase an in-flight video of my experience?

- All our aircraft have a Go-Pro camera fitted on the left wing pointing towards where you are sitting. You can purchase a video of your flight which will be supplied on dvds.

3) Are there any additional costs?

- 25 USD for the video only if you wish to buy.. Any payments made by card are subject to a 3.5% surcharge.

- There is no additional charge for our pick-up and drop-off service within Pokhara town and tea and coffee in the hangar are free of charge.

4) Can I take a camera with me on my flight?

- Cameras must have strong straps and nothing loose on them which might fall off. You cannot open the visor of the helmet to take photos and you cannot remove your gloves so they can be difficult to use in flight.

- Mobiles are strictly prohibited in the aircraft and we reserve the right to refuse cameras which we consider could be a hazard in flight.

- An alternative to taking your own camera is to purchase the video of your flight which can be used to generate still images.

5) Do I need to be fit to fly with you?

- You need to be in good health as our flight may go up to 12000 feet. You should not be taking any medication.

- The maximum passenger weight is 110 kg dressed ready to fly.

6) Where should I put my hands when flying?

- Our aircraft's seats have sides so you do not have to hold on to anything but if you want to you can hold on to the seat belts or seat sides.

7) Can I extend my flight once it has been booked?

- Yes but because we operate under Air Traffic Control we need to know about any extension before flying.

8) Can I talk with the pilot while flying?

- Yes. Our pilots are fluent in English and Nepali.

- At certain times of the flight you have to be quiet as the pilot has to talk with Air Traffic Control.

9) Do I need warm clothing?

- Yes. You will also need to have warm foot wear which cannot fall off as there will be wind blowing on your feet.

- We provide a windproof jacket, trousers and gloves.

10) Will we see the Yeti?

- Maybe. But only on the longer flights. (60-90 Mins)